Responsible Foods ehf. an Icelandic food startup has closed its Series A financing with the assistance of Spakur Finance.

The company has joined forces with a number of strong companies, among them the largest dairy producer in Iceland, MS, and one of the largest wholesalers, Ó. Johnson & Kaaber. The companies who invested see significant potential in partnering in the development, production, and distribution of the products of Responsible Foods.

Along with the corporate investors, several powerful individual investors have invested in Responsible Foods among them Marta and Helga Árnadóttir and Halldór H. and Jón Gunnar Jónsson.

Responsible foods is setting up to produce unique healthy snacks from Icelandic materials under the brand NæraTM.

The company’s products are set to hit the shelves in Iceland in early summer 2020. Responsible Foods has teamed up with an American marketing agency and is planning its US launch, in particular in areas with high purchasing power that place a high emphasis on healthy products. The company’s long-term focus is on export with the goal of increasing the export value of Icelandic fish and dairy products.


We at Spakur Finance want to congratulate Responsible Foods on this achievement and look forward to following their progress in the future.